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Customised Kitchen Remodelling


At Queens Living Kitchens, whether you prefer traditional or contemporary aesthetics, irrespective of the design, our experienced team will bring your kitchen design to life. We offer kitchen renovation services with expert cabinetry makers that cater to your vision. Our team matches designers to your style and needs, ensuring a delightful design journey. Our complete kitchen renovation packages encompass design, installation and optional services like demolition, wall removal, plumbing, electrical, stone installation and tiling to suit your project requirements.

Experienced Kitchen Cabinet Makers


Are you looking to upgrade your kitchen to a high-end with luxury kitchen remodelling that aligns with your style? At Queens Living Kitchens, we are Melbourne's local kitchen contractors near you, capable of turning your vision into reality.

With our expertise in high-end kitchen renovation, we specialise in creating customised designs tailored to your preferences and lifestyle. 

You can visit our Glen Waverley showroom for all your luxury kitchen remodelling needs and experience the difference firsthand with our French-style kitchens and cabinets.

From concept to completion, we'll work closely with you every step to ensure that your new kitchen meets your expectations.

Elevate Your Experience


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Dream it and we'll design it.

Let us bring your dream kitchen to life!